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Indiana Jones Bullwhips

These whips are my speciality. David Morgan, who had provided whips for all Indiana Jones movies, made them using kangaroo leather. My goal is to reproduce that famous look of Dr Jones tool and weapon in paracord. The construction is the same as in regular bullwhips (core, 2 bellies, bindings and overlay), but they have a lot of lead under the buttknot to balance them properly. The handle length is 8 inches and wristloop is 5 plait. Why 5 plait and not 6 plait as in original whips? Because it's all about width. Paracord's width restricts the plait number and what I focus on, is the similiar look and not the strict features of Morgan whips. Bullwhips in the trilogy varied a bit, so do my nylon versions of them.

Raiders - this whip features 8" slim handle with the ringknot placed at the end of it. Colors are desert tan for whip and coyote brown for ringknot.

Temple of Doom - the handle is 9" long, slightly tapered. The whip is brown in color.

Last Crusade - that whip has 8" handle, but it's thicker than in Raiders one and the ringknot is placed lower, so the handle seems to be shorter. The color for that one is dark brown.
8ft - 160
9ft - 170
10ft - 180

Crystal Skull bullwhips were made by Terry Jacka, they were 12 plait kangaroo whips. I also make my version of that whip. It has 8" handle. The construction differs from the trilogy whips, because this one has core, 3 bellies and 20 plait overlay. The wrist loop is 4 plait. The main feature of this whip is very stiff transition zone - place where the handle ends and thong starts. Colors are brown for whip and knots or brown with black knots.
8ft - 185
9ft - 195
10ft - 205

Indy Bullwhip Gallery